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Rarely do we get a chance to touch and reflect on a colorful piece of genuine American Southwest history. Purchasing Fred Harman artwork offers just that opportunity.

Fred Harman was an extraordinarily talented artist whose art career spanned many years starting with his first commercial advertising art job in 1922 (alongside another aspiring cartoonist, Walt Disney). Fred had a photographic memory and was able to reproduce scenes he witnessed with amazing clarity and detail. His legacy of visually cataloging ranch life in the American Southwest at the time European settlers were moving and building their lives there is rich and varied.

Fred had a way of capturing moments so well that his pieces often evoke emotional responses in the viewer. For example, the expressions on the faces of animals are sometimes haunting, sometimes inspiring, sometimes tender. Look closely at the details and you will notice impending actions caught in time for you by the artist.

Fred Harman

Fred Harman (February 9, 1902 - January 2, 1982) was an American cartoonist, best known for his popular Red Ryder comic strip, which he drew for 25 years, reaching 40 million readers through 750 newspapers. The Red Ryder Round-up is an annual July 4 weekend event in Pagosa Springs.  Harman sometimes used the pseudonym Ted Horn.

Fred Harman was the finest brush and ink artist of the Western genre. He was self-taught and his eye for dramatic perspective, the authentic details he put into all of his work, is unmatched.

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